P.S. College, Suliapada,(+3)Mayurbhanj is Wedeed to value based Quality Education With a view to Promote Human Values through academic excellence.


1.To Stimulate an academic environment for promotion of learning and research in higher education.
2.Recognizing and encouraging social responsibilities.
3.Fostering and encouraging innovation and creativity.
4.Creating an environment of intellectual stimulus and cultural sensibility.
5.Imparting quality Education at the under graduate level.
6.Creation of a spirit among the students for their Academic career.
7.Devlopment of the personality of the student by ensuing their participation in different extracurricular activities.
8.Fair and expedious redressal of the grievances of the students,employees and public.
9.To enables students to compete and become successful in all india competitive Examinations.
10.To develop an attitude for self learning so that they learn on their own in future when they pass out from this institution. develop the attitude of personality development of Tribal and Lodha communities of Suliapada Block.


COMPULSORY SUBJECTS-MIL(O),English,Indian Society,and Culture,Environmental studies
PASS SUBJECTS:-Poltical Science,History,Economics,Education,and Odia
CORE COURSE:-English,Pol.Science,Eco,Odia,Educations & History(16 seats each) ELECTIVE SUBJECTS;Indian Economy,Indian polity,Land Marks in Indian History,Educational & Odia.

A +3 ARTS(PASS) Student shall choose onebpass subject addition to compulsory subjects (mil(o),English,Indian society & culture, & Environmental studies) and Two Elective subject in their entire three years duration of study period.A pass student taking any subject as his/her pass subject and cannot take that subject as his/her elective subjects.

A+3 Arts HONOURS Student shall choose one Honours subject in addition to compulsory subjects(MIL(O),English,Indian Socity & culture and Environmental studies) and the Elective subjects in their entire three years study period. Honours student taking any subject at his/her Honours subject can not take that subject can not take that subject as his/her elective subjects.